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About our Council

These 46 Catholic gentlemen answered Fr. Croke’s invitation to become the first members of Council #4982, Knights of Columbus in Wilmington. Little did they know what impact this Council would have in the first 50 years of it’s existence. The membership has grown to over 500 members and the virtues of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism not only impacted their lives but have influenced many others by the benefits of this fraternal organization of Catholic men.


*Frederick Arsenault           *Paul Farrell           *Nunzio Bonnarrigo           *William Flaherty           *John Browne           *George Foley, Jr.PGK

*Edward Cavanaugh           *William Hanlon      *James Castine                 *Arthur Harper               *John Connell               *Francis Hoban

*Robert DiGirolamo              *Walter Lindmark    *Edward Driscoll, PGK        *Salvatore Lippiello       *Joseph Harrington       Norman MacEachern

*Philip LeDuc            Allan MacMullin, Jr., PGK   *Stephan MacInnis, PGK     *Paul MacMullin             *Allan MacMullin, Sr.,PGK   *Charles McGinley

*Charles MacInnis             *Harold Murray         *James McMillan                *John Murray                *Gilbert Masse             *Thomas O’Connor

*Joseph Meehan               *James Palmer          *Paul Niles                          Robert Palmer             *John O’Brien               Robert Peck

*Arthur Robichaud            George Quinn            *Edward Rothwell               *Steven Ritchie             Robert Scrano,Sr.         *George Saulnier

*James White, Sr.            *Daniel White             *Ernest DiGirolamo, PGK     *Peter White





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