Do I have to have a police detail at my party?

Most of our events do not require a police detail. If your event does, an event specialist will inform you of the cost and process for ordering during booking.

Do I have to use your house caterer?

No, you are free to use your own caterer and/or bring in homemade meals. There are fees associated with the use of the kitchen. You can have these fees waived by using our in-house caterer as he assumes full responsibility for the kitchen area before, during, and after the event. Our in-house caterer is very responsive and accommodating.

Do you charge a fee to use the kitchen?

There is no fee for the storage of food and materials or for refrigerator use. There is a $100.00 fee for basic food prep with stove or oven use. For meal preparation including cooking, there is an additional $200 fee for a four-hour period (starting 90 minutes prior to the event). Outside caterers must provide proof of insurance and current MA licenses.

Do you offer catering services?

No, we do not currently have an in-house caterer, so you are free to select your own.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, all major credit cards.

How do I book the hall?

Please contact the hall manager by filling out the contact form with the event information, this contact form is located on each hall’s page. You will receive an email reply from hall.manager@wilmingtonkofc.com within 24 hours.

How large are your tables?

MacMullin hall has tables that are 72 inches round and seat 10 comfortably. O’Leary’s Pub uses 60-inch tables that seat 8 comfortably. We do require that all tables be covered.

How much does it cost to rent a hall?

MacMullin Hall has a rental fee starting at $650 for a four-hour event.

O’Leary’s Pub has a rental fee starting at $450 for a four-hour event.

You can add on additional time rated at $150.00 an hour, subject to approval by an event specialist (due to multiple events and limits on operating hours as set by the local authorities).

These charges include setup, cleanup, and a bartender.

How much of a deposit to I have to pay?

We require a non-refundable $150.00 deposit on all events. This is due within 48 hours of “holding the date”. The balance due, (plus any applicable taxes) will be required on the date of the event at the beginning of the event. Your bartender will present you with an invoice.

What are the capacities of your halls?

MacMullin Hall can hold up to 200 people comfortably if no dance floor is required, 160 people if a dance floor needed. O’Leary’s Pub can accommodate 100 individuals.

For corporate events, we can accommodate more people based on the seating plan.

Are there sound systems available for each hall?

MacMullin Hall: If you want to add music to your function, the MacMullin Hall also features a high-quality sound system that allows for a connection from your phone via Bluetooth. Create your favorite playlist and bring it to the function. The bartender will instruct you on how to make the connection. You can control the level of the sound through your phones, so you can make it as loud or soft as you want it. This can save you hundreds on the expense of a DJ, as this is available at no extra cost.

O’Leary’s Pub: If you want to add music to your function, O’Leary’s Pub also features a high-quality sound “Touch Tune” Jukebox. Load the “Touch Tune” app on your phone and add money for play credits. You can put together your playlist in the jukebox app, for non-stop music. This can save hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of a DJ.

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